Biomass is material derived from plants, animals and humans. Biomass has the composition of gases containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen produced through biological processes.

Biomass energy has the potential content that can be converted into other energy, one of which is thermal energy. Biomass energy is derived from five sources of energy, namely the Trash, Wood, Waste, Bio Gas and Fuel Alcohol.

Changes in biomass itself into heat energy by combustion processes that will generate heat. Heat obtained from the combustion process is used to heat water that will produce steam.

This steam is then used to drive a turbine generator that would be obtained Electric Energy.

For the problem of environmental pollution, biomass can be said to be far from the pollution of the environment. Because Bimassa has several advantages over fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum. Biomass contains less sulfur and nitrogen, so it does not produce pollutants that can cause acid rain. Growth of plants used as biomass fuels can also help maintain balanced levels of carbon dioxide. Plants remove carbon dioxide-a greenhouse gas from the atmosphere as they grow. For additional information about best uk replica breitling watches: read more.

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