Geothermal power plants, are power plants that use steam which produced from reservoirs of hot water from deep within the earth.

Geothermal power plant itself can be divided into 3 (three) parts, namely geothermal power plant dry steam, flash steam and binary cycle.

Geothermal power plant dry steam is delivering steam directly from geothermal reservoirs to drive a turbine generator.

Geothermal power plants Flash Steam is taking a high-pressure hot water from the earth and turn it into steam which is used to drive turbine generators. When the steam cools, the vapor will condense into water and injected back into the soil to be used repeatedly.

Generating a binary cycle geothermal power is to make the transfer of heat from geothermal water is used to heat water on the side of the pipe that is connected with the turbine. The heat causes the water in this second pipeline will shift from water to steam which is then used to drive a turbine generator.

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