The flow activities for tenders of EPC are:
1. Owner plans to announce the establishment of new plant
2. Owner invites EPC Company those interested, to submit a company profile (Pre-Qualification phase).
3. Owner announced that EPC Company which escaped from the Pre-Qualification and eligible for EPC tender process and the process of Invitation to Bid (ITB).
4. EPC Company which have qualified, take the tender documents from the Owner and receive an explanation of the rule-of-the game.
5. In a certain range, EPC Company must submit technical proposals and plans for how to design, purchase, and to construct.
6. If passed, the EPC Company must deliver commercial proposals (estimate how much plant construction costs and the price is).
7. The best (not necessarily the cheapest) will be determined as a winning bidder.
8. Owner will submit the project to the selected EPC Company with a price agreement in point 6 (it is still possible to negotiate) in accordance with technical qualifications and plans / time at point 5 (also negotiable).
9. EPC Company which won the bidding began work on the EPC process in more detail.
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