Hydro Energy

Hydro energy is the energy utilization of water which is then converted into electrical energy. The method used is to create a water dam, where water from the dam are disposed of outside through the penstock pipe that will be used to drive turbines and that turbine is connecting to generator and will be rotate the generator to produce electricity.

The exact calculation is required from rainfall than lower and higher of water capacity which can be stored as well as drained is to be one important factor in the development of this Hydro Energy.

Hydro energy is included in one of the energy that will never run out and will always repopulate it throughout the maintenance of good environment can be done. Existing dam is in addition can be used to generate electrical energy also can be used for irrigation and agriculture.

The development of electrical energy which utilize of water is very great potential in Indonesia, with the existing geographical conditions which have many mountain and stream rivers are the construction of hydropower plants starting from micro-hydro power plants to Hydro Power Plant with big capacity still increasing.

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