Solar Energy is the utilization of solar energy to generate electrical energy by using solar cell panels. Solar cells consist of photovoltaics panels that will convert sunlight into electrical energy. The electrical energy produced is DC electrical energy and this energy to be stored in batteries for used if there is no sunlight. In order to use for daily used it is needs any inverter which will be convert electrical energy from DC to AC.

Indonesia is an archipelago scattered around the equator so it has a tropical weather. With tropical weather is the most parts of Indonesia have good sunlight during the daytime.

Pemanfaatan energi surya ini bisa digunakan untuk keperluan rumah tangga, industri kecil, penerangan jalan, dan lain sebagainya.

The application of solar power plants in Indonesia has been introduced by BPPT since 1980 by building Solar Power Generation. And so far PLTS development in Indonesia is still growing. Fast shipping and quality guarantee. Ordering cheap breitling replica watches us online is a wisdom choice.

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