Wind energy can be converted into mechanical energy and electrical energy. These changes through the kinetic energy of the wind.

The working principle of the change in kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy can be described as follows:

The wind turns the blades of the turbine blades. Turbine rotor blades are mounted on the shaft will rotate. Were connected with the transmission shaft and connected to a generator that will generate electricity.

Turbine is equipped with a brake which serves to restrain the wind speed is too fast to keep the propeller spinning too fast and will be damaged.

In order for wind turbine can work efficiently, then the wind speed must be above 12 to 14 miles per hour. The wind must have a fast enough speed to drive turbines to generate electricity. Turbines typically generate electrical energy range from 50 to 300 kilowatts. You can buy perfect quality uk cartier replica watches online shop.

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